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Includes Arcade Alley, Crazy for Cats Monopoly, Bingo, 2 Snakes and Ladders, Avengers Jenga, 3D puzzle, Uno and Dos card games, a deck of cards, a variety of popcorn, snacks and juice boxes, a $25 gift card to Boston pizza and a $25 ultimate dinning card which can be used at a variety of restaurants. Thank you for all the donations from Mrs. Alm and Ms. Bakker's Kindergarten classes!

Items will be available for pick up at Hawkwood School within a week after the closing date of the silent auction. ID will be required upon pick up to ensure that the highest bidder receives their silent auction item. Highest bidders will be contacted directly with full pick up information including address, date(s) and time(s). (Delivery within Calgary can be arranged if required.)

Contact: Friends of Hawkwood School Society
Email: hawkwoodsociety@gmail.com
Phone: (403) 807-8042