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What We Do

We are masters in auction fundraising


A live auctioneer & professional spotter are provided at no charge for events that consign at least 12 of Elevate's "No Risk" items. If you've collected enough items that you don't need ours, no problem. We can provide a professional auctioneer and spotter for a fee of $1950. That fee can also be prorated depending on how many you do consign.


With industry-leading technology and hands-on support, the results of your next paperless bidding auction will exceed all of your expectations. Say goodbye to paper bidsheets and welcome mobile bidding to your next event and see your profits increase with greater guest engagement and less work for your auction manager. This auction bidding technology is perfect for your online, live or virtual event. Email for quote and more info.

We have everything from unique trips, to autographed memorabilia and local experiences to get the attention of your crowd. We supply a minimum bid on each item and your organization keeps the funds collected over that amount. If the minimum bid is not reached, there is no charge for that item. Piece of cake. We're confident that our items will entice bidders and make your fundraiser a resounding success.

Online auctions are a great and easy way for anyone to raise money. Create your auction with unlimited items, custom banner branding and auction analytics. Our Do-It-Yourself option is $150 + 7%. Concierge option is $250 + 8%. The percentage fee includes all payment processing and transaction fees so you don't have to set up a third party payment processing account. We host the site for you and will be at your service throughout the entire process.


We know the stress and hard work involved to ensure your silent auction goes as smoothly as possible, so we will handle it all for you. Elevate will set up the items, supply pre-printed bid sheets, administer cashout, and collect & reconcile outstanding payments after the event. 1-2 volunteers are welcome to assist your winning bidders with items. Every event is different so please contact us for more information if you need customization.