Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog tails

Donated by Friends of G.R.I.T.

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Keep your baby boy happy and comfortable with this cozy baby blanket, WWF stuffed animal (Bunny), and sleeper set. Also in the basket are some booties, a bib, and kleenex bag for keepin' clean and tidy!

All items will be available for pick up in our office following the completion of the auction and payments being finalized. If you are the highest bidder please contact us to arrange a pick-up time.  

Items will be available for pick up at our Calgary Office - 117, 4615 112 Ave SE 

Items can be shipped if necessary!
For more details please contact Annette. 

Contact: Annette Eckel
Email: annette@gritcalgarysociety.com
Phone: (403) 215-2444