Empathy by Nikki M

Artist: Nikki M This piece is an oil on canvas paitning.

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As we try to remain hopeful and full of gratitude during this time, it’s also okay to struggle and have moments of sadness. It’s the fluctuation of these very emotions that make us so very human. It is my hope that as we embrace the changes in our emotions, we also allow ourselves to simultaneously cultivate more empathy.

Dimensions: (24 inch wide x 20 inch length). This artwork would need to be mailed. Please click on the thumbnail to view the full image. 

About the artist, Nikki M: Although moreso formally taught in the sciences, I am forever interested in the intersection of art and science and how the humanities facilitate wellbeing. Cross disciplinary thinking is fascinating to me, and I truly believe that art serves science, and science serves art.

This artwork is part of the White Coat, Warm HeART 2020 Exhibit. 

Please note: Shipping costs will be the responsibility of the purchaser and are not included in the purchase price. 

The CAME Foundation will work with the artists to ship the artwork to the successful bidders. 

Contact: Mary Cunningham
Email: mcunningham@afmc.ca
Phone: (613) 614-4134