Live Painting- Winnipeg Blue Bombers 2021 Banjo Bowl Victory

Painted by Cyndi Wiebe

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Surprise! Watch talented local artist Cyndi Wiebe paint a picture of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers 2021 Banjo Bowl Victory during the live virtual event. Anyone who had the privilege to watch Cyndi in action up on stage in previous years or at our event last year will appreciate the attention to detail and masterpiece she completed right before our eyes. Estimated value $750.

The painting will be of the image above. 

All prizes can be picked up at 539 Springfield Road, Winnipeg, MB. If you are out of the province we will arrange for shipping. Please call or email Heather Korol to arrange pick up or delivery.

Contact: Heather Korol
Email: Hkorol10@gmail.com
Phone: (204) 223-5546

Contact: Heather Korol
Email: hkorol10@gmail.com
Phone: (204) 223-5546