Hillberg & Berk 12mm Sparkle Ball™ Studs - Rose Gold

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At Hillberg & Berk, it is our vision to empower women through design. We strive to help women believe that they sparkle, every day. What's more, we strive to help women capture their unique sparkle and share it with others.

What does it mean to capture your sparkle? It means confidence. It means self-love. It means laughter and joy. To "Share Your Sparkle" is to join a movement of women empowering women, and to feel empowered yourself.

Hand-set crystal in a clay base with a Hillberg & Berk printed sterling silver cap.

Item to be mailed to winning bidder following auction.

Contact: Jill
Email: jillshaw@kidsportvictoria.ca
Phone: (250) 812-4391