Break Out

36’x24’ Acrylic on Canvas with Solid Pine Frame

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The Piece is named Break Out, as the edges are straining to continue their growth and spread.

About the artist: My name is Renee Butler. My journey on the creative path using acrylic is a discovery about myself and my love of creation. I grew up in the Calgary area, born and bred. I want to share pieces that make you look at new parts every time it catches your eye. My pieces are statements, dramatic and full of contrast. Metallic glints when the sun hits, a new curl of one colour overtaking the next, a wash of feeling captured for a moment.

Generously donated by Renee Butler

All items will be available for pick up at Pacekids' North location (808 55 Ave NE, Calgary) on Tuesday, June 1, 2021. Shipping items can be arranged at the expense of the purchaser.

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