Pizza Party for an Entire GRADE 1 Class (Teacher included!) 

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Want to provide your child with an experience that they will remember?

Bid on a classroom Pizza Party so that the entire class and teacher can enjoy some well earned down time. By offering these creative rewards for the students, we hope to increase their motivation and engagement.

There is one classroom per grade that has this chance. Please pay attention to which grade is listed when you are bidding as the winning bidder will then select their classroom of choice from the matching grade-level. 

Each student and the teacher will receive an individual beverage and an individual pizza order - slices of either Cheese, Pepperoni or Ham & Pineapple.

This is a Calgary Auction and all items are pick up only. 

Shipping may be arranged but must be prepaid for and/or a shipping account number must be provided.

Winning bids do not include delivery or shipping.

Contact: Heather Cahill
Email: heather.cahill@fglsports.com
Phone: (403) 461-8659