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Learning to play again by Yipeng Ge

Artist: Yipeng Ge

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As a medical student, I watched in awe and curiosity in the interactions that Molly Penny, the therapeutic clown, fostered with those around her. Therapeutic clowning has been shown to be effective in providing psychosocial support to children, youth, and their families. Learning from Molly Penny as a clown-in-training resulted in one of the most impactful, informative, and transformative experiences for me as a medical trainee and as a person. 

Dimensions: This piece can be printed in variable sizes based on preferences for printed dimensions. Please click on the thumbnail to view the full image. 

About the Artist, Yipeng Ge: Yipeng Ge is a Chinese-Canadian, first-generation immigrant, and a humble and grateful guest of this land. He received his M.D. from the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine. He is an incoming resident physician in Public Health and Preventive Medicine (including family medicine) in Ottawa.

This artwork is part of the White Coat, Warm HeART 2020 Exhibit. 

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