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Creation by Flora Jung

Artist: Flora Jung

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Part of my work is building connections with people. This piece is my illustration of what it feels like to connect with someone. Through surrealistic representations like this one, I try to show and explain different aspects of what it is like to work with people experiencing untreated mental illness.

Dimensions: This artwork would need to be mailed. Please click on the thumbnail to view the full image.

About the artist, Flora Jung: I enjoy shaping different materials into art to record reflections from my personal life. In my most recent works, "Creation" and "Discharged", I used suturing instruments to embroider onto canvas my changing perspectives as a new clinical clerk.

This artwork is part of the White Coat, Warm HeART 2020 Exhibit. 

Please note: Shipping costs will be the responsibility of the purchaser and are not included in the purchase price. 

The CAME Foundation will work with the artists to ship the artwork to the successful bidders. 

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