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Empty Bowl Benefit
The Empty Bowl Benefit is one the most colourful events at the Calgary Food Bank. Each year, we invite local celebrities, media personalities, artists, musicians and bloggers (and more!) to our warehouse to paint their own design on a blank ceramic bowl.

These bowls are then polished up and filled with swag by the painter, which we then auction. Any money that is raised through this event goes directly to supporting the JP Morgan Food Link program, which works with over 110 agencies in Calgary.

This year, designs ranged from a cute little minion from Despicable Me, an abstract yellow and green bubble art, to an elegant portraiture of Frida Kahlo. We are overjoyed at how well all the bowls look and all the generous swag items that the painters have donated for us to auction off. Not only are there Shania Twain, Reba McEntire and Keith Urban concert tickets (among others!), but there are tours of various attractions throughout Calgary and collectable memorabilia.

Be sure to check out the bowls and their swag! Together, we are working towards creating a hunger-free community.

Pick Up Items At: Calgary Foodbank: 5000 11 Street SE, Calgary, AB T2H 2Y5, Monday to Friday: 8:30am to 4:30pm

“Kindness” by Kelsey McEwen

“Gone Fishing” by Sheldon Smithens

“Fire and Ice Pat Benatar Bowl” by Sarah Crosbie

“Classic CBC” by Julie Van Rosendaal

“It Takes A Village” by Jim Button

“Love Is Forever” by Jocelyn Laidlaw

“Spring Flowers” by Clairvoyant Kim Dennis

“Emma and the Food Bank” by Val Lawton

“Skyline” by Jaime Vandenburg

“Flowered tiles” by Karen Scarlett

“Deconstructed Ambulance, No. 1” by Stuart Brideaux

“Whatever It Takes” by Jon Cornish

“Inappropriate (but honest) Gratitude” by Lori Gibbs

“Good morning!” by Zack Hewitt

“Retro CBC Logo” by Craig Larkins

“Crop Circles in the Moonlight” by Dan Carson

“KIWI” by Robyn Adair

“Prairie Platter” by Amber Schinkel

“I’m Bear-y Hungry” by Mookie and Billie-Jo

“Smile!” by Hot Rod Harriet

“Olympic Love” by Jessica Gregg

“Fire Department Red & White Logo” by Neil Johnson

“Super Plate!” by Jay Donovan from UP! 97.7

“Stampede Horse” by Carly Weasel Child

“Flamingos” by Michelle Yi

“Celebrate music!” by Mike Morrison

“Fire Department Black & Red Logo” by Brad Lorne

“It’s About Community” by Kathe Lemon

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” by Carlos Cuevas

“Stamps” by Jonathan Anderson

“Favourite Meal of the Day” by Eleanor Lowden Pidgeon

“Minion” by Erin Strate

“Stained Glass Tree” by Warren Shouldice

“Chuckwagon” by Jordie Fike

“Spinning” by Amy Dryer

“Whose boots?” by Doug Veronelly

“3 Things For Calgary”by Franca Gualtieri-Nancy Close

"Frida" by Amy Dryer

“Horse Head” by Darcy Presiloski

“Blended Paint for Blended Community” by Rob Firlotte

“Strong Foundation” by Angela Kokott

“Puppy Love” by Leslie Stein

“Clown Car Pile-up” by Jebb Fink

“Beauty in Nature” by Leslie Horton

“Retro Butterfly” by Jenny Howe

“Calgary Skyline (red)” by Jill Belland

“Polka Dot” by Tara Nelson