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  • IF You're Quick | Inclusion Foothills
  • Start Date: Thursday, November 12, 2020 09:00 AM MST
  • End Date: Sunday, November 22, 2020 09:00 PM MST

IF You're Quick - An Online Auction

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone, including the families and individuals we serve. At Inclusion Foothills, we utilize fundraising opportunities to help those families and individuals through programming, supports and connections. With the pandemic effectively ceasing all in-person events and activities, our fundraising capabilities have taken a significant plunge, and we turn to new methods and options to help support those connected to us.

The IF You're Quick Online Silent Auction:

  • Provides a safe, and fun, shopping experience to help cross off your Christmas List
  • Supports local businesses and entrepreneurs
  • 100% of the proceeds raised go directly into our family support programs - Sibshops, Parent Support, Kids 360, JG Leadership & Tutoring

Together we can make a difference!

A heartwarming story
In crisis, searching for help, Chris called Inclusion Foothills. A single parent, with 2 kids affected by devastating trauma and multiple disabilities, he didn’t know where to turn. Chris compared his experience to entering a vast Home Depot and searching for the tiniest, most obscure item. People had heard of it and wanted to help, but no-one knew quite where to find it, so he was sent searching and never finding what he needed.

Then he connected with Inclusion Foothills.

Now, with support and resources, he has more options and confidence to plan for his family, to address specific socio-emotional needs and to move forward.

Hooked up to Inclusion Foothills, Chris says, “it’s nice to know that he has Inclusion Foothills in his back pocket to help him through things if he needs it again.”

Who are we?
Inclusion Foothills is a non-profit charitable organization serving over 1060 families in the Foothills and Willow Creek area who are living with or connected to someone with pan-disabilities.

Our mission is to provide advocacy and support for individuals with pan disability and their families/guardians so they may:

  • enjoy all rights, responsibilities, and benefits of citizenship
  • be valued and included as equal/valued citizens
  • be free of discrimination

Thank You to Our Donors & Sponsors

A big thank you to our sponsor - Trace Associates Inc. - for your support of this Online Silent Auction!
We would like to also extend a very warm thank you to the following businesses, entrepreneurs, individuals and community who donated to the IF You're Quick Online Silent Auction: 

  • Albright Design Studio + Showroom
  • Ambrosial Cheesecake Shop
  • Black Label Coffee Co.
  • Cayley Colony Farm Fresh Produce
  • CKcreatesYYC
  • Cotton + Quartz
  • Stained Glass by Daniel
  • D'Arcy Ranch Golf Club
  • Diamond Willow Carving
  • Drishti Designs
  • El Papalote
  • Eminence Beauty & Wellness
  • Epicure with Jan
  • Hats from Char
  • Highwood Golf
  • Hot Off the Press
  • Inclusion Foothills
  • Judy Evans
  • Judy Foster & Doreen Marthaller
  • Karen Jones
  • Keith Andrews, Diamond Willow
  • Natalie Von Raven Fine Art
  • Paper Works by Barbara
  • Pet Valu High River
  • Pike Studios
  • Rollover Premium Pet Food Ltd.
  • Sheena's Sweets & Such
  • Storm Mountain Lodge
  • The Christmas Tree Ladies
  • The Dogwood Apothecary
  • TriSphere Consulting Inc. 
  • Western Financial Group
  • Many anonymous donors - thank you!