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Skipping Stone Online Auction
  • Skipping Stone Online Auction
  • Start Date: Thursday, December 19, 2019 01:00 PM MST
  • End Date: Thursday, January 09, 2020 07:00 PM MST

Skipping Stone is based within Calgary, AB providing low- barrier access to programs and services for transgender and gender diverse youth which include: mental health and medical services, peer support groups, mentorship, ID clinics, and community building events. While being based within the city of Calgary, the outreach includes the entire province of Alberta due to the unique approach not found elsewhere.  

It was announced early in December that due to a significant increase in the demand for services and a lack of funding, Skipping Stone would be unable to accept new clients indefinitely. Which for many meant being put on a wait list to access what for many is a lifeline.

40% of transgender youth attempt suicide, with 73% engaging in self-harm behaviour. Through the work of Skipping Stone and by providing low-barrier access to programs and services, 75% report a decreased need for accessing crisis services (i.e hospitalization), 94% have a decrease in suicidality, and 95% say they have gained someone in their life they can talk to. 

By putting forth a bid on items within  this auction, you will not only change the lives of youth and improve your community, but you will be identified as a leader of diversity and inclusion. Through your generosity, Skipping Stone is able to continue serving as the only organization within Alberta focused upon transgender and gender diverse individuals.