MeganKyle Fresh Water Pearl Triple Strand Bracelet

Each comes with an appraisal letter of $2,115 from A.G.A Jewelry Appraisals Ltd.

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8.00 Freshwater Cultured Pearl triple strand 7mm - 8mm bracelet with stainless steel clasp.

AUDREY Collection is timeless beauty that transcends cultures and trends. The simple grace and beauty of pearls has inspired people for centuries. When designed into jewelry the results are often incredible pieces of wearable art.

MeganKyle is designed to celebrate the essence of being a woman. Evoking a personal connection, collections form the pieces of the unique mosaic that is every woman; rejoicing in her complex beauty, grace and wisdom.

Beautifully crafted pieces feature pearls, crystals, gemstones, agates and beads. A signature influence is the fusion of diverse cultures. Collections can be worn individually, mixed and layered infusing whimsical charm or making a bold statement. A modern twist of spirituality, personality and energy MeganKyle empowers a woman to share who she is in a given moment.

Each comes with an appraisal letter of $2,115 from A.G.A Jewelry Appraisals Ltd.

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