Clearfloat Spa 5 Float Package - Calgary

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just breathe... and enjoy 5 floats at clearfloat spa

At clear float spa experience a profound relaxation of the body and mind and allow yourself to refocus on what’s most important—family, career, creativity, fitness, or whatever is vital to your wellbeing.

Floating in high-density saltwater and cut off from the sights and sounds of the outside world, your body is allowed an escape from all external pressures as you rejuvenate and heal in the float pod. Blood flow improves immensely. Essential minerals nourish your system. Your mind becomes clear and new perspectives unfold as endorphins flood through you. The experience is entirely personalized and customizable, with in-float guided meditations or music and lighting of your choosing you can truly let go of all stress or anxiety. All you needed was less.

spa package includes:
• 5 floats
• complimentary parking & tea
• post float zen room
• share with anyone

Package expires within 6 months

Items will be available for pick up at the Enbridge Calgary office. 

If unable to pick up other arrangements can be made. Winners will be contacted after the auction closes. Elevate Auction item winners will be contacted by Elevate Auctions or partner companies after the auction.  

Contact: Kate McKinnon
Email: silentauction@enbridge.com
Phone: (403) 481-0149