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Spring Blossoms Beyond the Window by Cali Ren

Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas 16 x 16

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Spring Blossoms Beyond the Window

Cali Ren

Acrylic on Canvas

The painting I created is titled “Spring blossoms beyond the window.” It was inspired by a beautiful pink flower that bloomed in my home yard during springtime. Though I am not certain of the species, I was captivated by its delicate petals and vibrant colour. As the flower began to bloom and grow, that was the reason I wanted to capture it on my canvas. During the spring my family and I would often gather by the window to appreciate the blooms and spend time together. We would sit and chat, watching as the flowers swayed in the gentle breeze. The glass door reflected the flowers, creating a stunning view that never failed to bring us joy. In my painting, I aimed to recreate this peaceful and joyful scene. I used soft, pastel colours to convey the gentle warmth of spring, and carefully blended the shades to create a sense of depth and texture. I think this project is significant to me, because when I look at my painting, I am transported back to these happy moments.

Bowness High School 

4627 77 St NW, Calgary, AB T3B 2N6

PICK UP: Monday June 5 - Friday June 16 in the school's main office 

8:30am - 3:30pm (mon-fri)


Contact: Alison Martin
Email: avmartin@cbe.ab.ca
Phone: (403) 805-2546