Harmony by Jana Kruger

Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas 16" x 16"

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Jana Kruger

Acrylic on Canvas

Music, something we hear almost everyday, a set of notes and words that forms a song. Music itself is a form of art, a form of expression, it's not just noise or sounds - it's an artform - there's always a story or a history behind every song. My altered book is made from music, a music book to be specific, the title is to represent the fact that music is art and that there is a story behind the music. I got the idea when I was thinking about a certain painting we have at home of a feather painted over a piece of music. The most difficult part of this was building the textures and layers... it was the most time consuming part and took a lot of effort to get everything to fit together in harmony. Overall this project was very fun and I quite enjoyed making art out of music.

Bowness High School 

4627 77 St NW, Calgary, AB T3B 2N6

PICK UP: Monday June 5 - Friday June 16 in the school's main office 

8:30am - 3:30pm (mon-fri)


Contact: Alison Martin
Email: avmartin@cbe.ab.ca
Phone: (403) 805-2546