"The One You Feed"

By Jenny Keith

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“The One You Feed” is a depiction of the Native American fable about the two wolves that live inside everyone. The story roughly goes like this: Inside every person there are two wolves that are fighting each other. One wolf is full of love and light and joy and generosity, while the other is full of hate, darkness, misery and greed. Which wolf will win? The one you feed. I feel like while this is true, it’s also important to acknowledge the darker parts of our being and address them when they surface. That’s why the wolves in the painting are joined in the middle. In the grey area. One wolf isn’t “bad” and the other “good” - they are both part of the same complex inner struggle that makes up any individual, and by understanding that, you can find balance and peace. Acrylic painting 36" x 36" x 2"

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